ROSA | beeeeeeech boy  

how i work:

I do not do things like “trade discounts” and funny little arrangements that require me to do a bunch of paperwork and emailing. i honestly don’t even know what any of that stuff means. i am not what you might call ‘professional’ like that. quite simply: i make furniture, among other things, sometimes. if this sounds like i am not worth your trouble, its probably best to stop reading now. 

if you see something on this website or on my instagram that you are interested in, just email me and ask about it. i wish i could say that i will definitely get back to you, but i can’t say that. i’m just a guy, doing stuff. 

i like making furniture but not enough to do the whole song and dance with the interior designers and buyers or whoever. I have a day job and do other things i need to eat 

all that said: if you are seriously interested in my work, and things reach a point where money is exchanged, you will receive, in the end, something of principal excellence in quality and unavailable elsewhere. there’s nothing more to say about that, you just have to see for yourself.

i’m sorry if this comes across as weird, but i think ‘doing business’ is weird.  talk to you later,

send me an email at